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How I made my Insta Story Highlight Icons for FREE on my phone (in under 30 minutes!)

If you haven’t been living under a rock the past several months, you’ve probably noticed instagrammers, especially influencers, taking full advantage of a new way to customize their instagram feed – story highlight icons!

After the bar exam was over and I took to blogging again, one of my first missions was to have my graphic designer husband help me design some icon covers for my lawandlooks story highlights. After doing some research and experimenting of my own, however, I found out that you don’t need to be a graphic designer to make cute, customized story highlight icons on your own – for free – and it barely takes any time to do. Srsly, anyone can do this – with these tips and tricks!

  1. Download the free Canva app

There are certain features in this app that will cost you a dollar or so, but they tell you what’s free and what’s not. I made all my icons for free, so don’t feel like you need to buy the $1 icons and “for purchase” features to make your icons!

2. Scroll sideways on the top blue bar to “Your Story” and tap the “Blank” template

3. You will arrive at this screen. Tap the white template to begin your color selection! When you arrive at the second screen, select the basic color you want – for example, if you’re aiming for light baby blue icons, select the blue default color for now (you will adjust shades of blue next).

4. Tap the plus sign box next to the “Used” color icon you selected, as demonstrated below. A color grid will pop up that you can play with, adjusting your color til you have the right shade of the color you selected.

5. Now that you’ve found the right shade for your icons, it’s time to add text or graphics!IMG_0757

If you look at mine, I opted for images rather than text, but it’s up to you! I also opted to use one color for all my icons, but it’s also fun to do different colors for each one. Whatever represents your image best, do it!

After you tap the plain background color you’ve selected, an option will pop up for you to add “Graphics.” Click that and do a search for what kind of clipart image you’re looking for. You can change the color of it after!

Select a free clipart image and tap the “+” sign next to the “used color” square to change the clipart image color.

When you’re done, click on “Share” in the top right corner. Save the image to your camera roll!

6. Add to your Insta! Go to your instagram profile and select “New” highlight on your highlight bar. Then, it will ask you to select your past insta stories you want posted to this highlight. Select them all, and continue!

Then – click edit cover, and select, scale and position your icon you just made! Make sure you give it a title, too!

7. Repeat until you have as many story highlights as you want! You have been insta-updated!!



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